From Aleny one can practice mainly treking, btt riding, or by car visit all the corners of the Anoia County , visiting the Romanesque style chuches, the castles, masies (typical catalan cottages) and the hidden towns. In addition, given its geographic situation, Aleny, it is an ideal place to know all Central Catalonia, or almost all Catalonia .

For activities in the Anoia County click here.

To enjoy and participate in the popular and traditional celebrations of the proximity: Festes Majors, Patorets celebrations (Calaf), living Bethlehem (Prats de Rei, Ardèvol, Fals), Fair of the Trashumancia (Pujalt), Cultural Nights of Sant Pere Sallavinera, Fair of folk music of Calaf, Copons Jazz, Celebration of the furnaces of the Anoia County, etc. Click here to consult the agenda of celebrations of the Anoia County.
For more activities, see the website of the Ajuntament de Calonge de Segarra.